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What are Forensic Geosciences?
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It is published the first Italian book on the Forensic Geosciences: “Geologia forense. Introduzione alle geoscienze applicate alle indagini giudiziarie”. Authors: R.M. Di Maggio, P.M. Barone, E. Pettinelli, E. Mattei, S.E. Lauro, A. Banchelli. Dario Flaccovio Editore.                      MORE INFO

Some members of the team have participated in the TV program Geo (Rai Tre network).



Forensic Geoscience is the application of different branches of Earth Science (e.g. geology, geophysics and geochemistry) to criminal investigation. The aim of forensic geosciences is to support the investigation by means of the search and the analysis of the geological evidence. The branches of Geoscience that can apply to forensic field are various, for instance:

  1. Dating

  2. Aerial/Satellite Imagery

  3. During court trials

  4. Culturl Heritage

There is a brand new publication on Forensic Geoscience, edited by two team members: Rosa Maria Di Maggio e Pier Matteo Barone.        

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Geoscienze Forensi Italia® is a partner of the 6th European Meeting on Forensic Archaeology 2017 in Rome.